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Obama-the failure of a marketing product:teleprompter addict with poor writing skills

2008 was the greatest year in marketing history, the year  when a hollow candidate with no record  became the President of the United States.Thanks to Jack Cashill, the Obama marketing product is now presented to the public for what it is: a far from brilliant guy that makes grammatical errors  a decent fifth grader wouldn't.

By Jack Cashill-American Thinker
Via iOwnTheWorld

On November 16, 1990, Barack Obama, then president of the Harvard Law Review, published a letter in the Harvard Law Record, an independent Harvard Law School newspaper, championing affirmative action.

Although a paragraph from this letter was excerpted in David Remnick's biography of Obama, The Bridge, I had not seen the letter in its entirety before this week. Not surprisingly, it confirms everything I know about Barack Obama, the writer and thinker.

Obama was prompted to write by an earlier letter from a Mr. Jim Chen that criticized Harvard Law Review's affirmative action policies. Specifically, Chen had argued that affirmative action stigmatized its presumed beneficiaries.

The response is classic Obama: patronizing, dishonest, syntactically muddled, and grammatically challenged. In the very first sentence Obama leads with his signature failing, one on full display in his earlier published work: his inability to make subject and predicate agree.

"Since the merits of the Law Review's selection policy has been the subject of commentary for the last three issues," wrote Obama, "I'd like to take the time to clarify exactly how our selection process works."

If Obama were as smart as a fifth-grader, he would know, of course, that "merits ... have." Were there such a thing as a literary Darwin Award, Obama could have won it on this on one sentence alone. He had vindicated Chen in his first ten words.

Although the letter is fewer than a thousand words long, Obama repeats the subject-predicate error at least two more times. In one sentence, he seemingly cannot make up his mind as to which verb option is correct so he tries both: "Approximately half of this first batch is chosen ... the other half are selected ... "

Another distinctive Obama flaw is to allow a string of words to float in space. Please note the unanchored phrase in italics at the end of this sentence:

"No editors on the Review will ever know whether any given editor was selected on the basis of grades, writing competition, or affirmative action, and no editors who were selected with affirmative action in mind." Huh?
The entire article here.

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Reason TV:Battle for the California Desert:Why is the Government driving folks off their land?

Looks like there are less places where people can leave as they wish, without the Mighty Government blessing. Code enforcement in the desert, what's next?

The Antelope Valley is a vast patch of desert on the outskirts of Los Angeles County, and a segment of the few rugged individualists who live out there increasingly are finding themselves the targets of armed raids from local code enforcement agents, who've assembled into task forces called Nuisance Abatement Teams (NATs).

The full story here.

Dick Morris on the 2012 GOP Presidential field

Via Fox News

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Congressman Allen West: Israel will never fall!

The Donkey Whisperer-Roger Williams for Congress

You go, Roger! If you win, you may learn that dealing with your liberal colleagues is not much different than  being around your donkey buddies. They know very little and they are stubborn when it comes to learn anything.No offense to donkeys!
Via The Blaze

Dr.Walid Phares on Libya's political future

Via Fox Business Network

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Congressman Allen West's 4 words for Little Debbie

Little Debbie in Obamaland

I ran into a clip from "Face the Nation" on CBS that was took place this morning-Thank you Weasel Zippers!.The show's host Norah O'Donnell made sure from the beginning of the interview that she was ready to do whatever it took to get the truth out: the mess we are in is all  Republicans fault. Here is the video of the segment below, followed by the transcript, my notes added.Enjoy!

O'Donnell: And welcome back to Face the Nation, Congresswoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz is also in Iowa this weekend, and joins us now. Congresswoman good to see you, I know you are here focused on many of the republicans who are part of the Iowa Straw Poll but another Republican, in South Carolina, Governor Rick Perry who threw his hat into the ring, and also offered a withering everything attack on President Obama's economic leadership and he talked about the S&P downgrade, I want you to listen.How dear he?

RICK PERRY SOUNDBYTE: The fact is for nearly three years President Obama has been downgrading American jobs, he has been downgrading our standing in the world, he has been downgrading our financial stability, he has been downgrading our confidence, and downgrading the hope for a better future for our children. That is a fact.

O'Donnell: The Governor said that for nearly three years President Obama has been downgrading American jobs, downgrading our standing in the world, and downgrading our financial stability. I am sure you disagree with that, but what is factually in accurate about what he said? Would you like some coffee or water is ok?

Wasserman Schultz: I am incredibly proud of President Obama's accomplishments.First and foremost, he have supported me to become DNC Chairwoman, that's some accomplishment! This is a President that took on the health insurance industry and reformed healthcare to make sure that every American could have coverage-Illegal aliens too.Ooops, the PC-BS term is Displaced Foreign Traveler now-and insurance companies couldn't drop you or deny you coverage-those evil insurance companies;Note to myself-we could use some donations form them, I'll ask Barry to call-, took on Wall Street-The Fat Cats, ya know-, made sure that banks were not ever again too big to fail-did Barry help them shrink?-, made sure that we ban to get our economy turned around-that's the new saying for Down The Drain-, so I think Americans are appreciative-in fact 20% of them, but we are not going to let the facts get in our way to the Final Victory- of the hard work and effort and accomplishment that President Obama has made and certainly those accomplishments are not reflective of any of the governor's inappropriate comments-Damn Racist!.

O'Donnell: Inappropriate, but what about..

Wasserman Schultz: Inaccurate...and Racist

O'Donnell: And what about the argument that since he has taken office that there hasn't been a strong turnaround? For instance you have said repeatedly that we are in much better shape than we were when President Obama took office. But the facts are very difficult, perhaps for the Democratic Party and that is this: That unemployment was at 7.3 percent. When he took office and now at 9.1 percent, unemployment up 25 percent, 11.1 million were unemployed then compared to almost 14 million unemployed now. And 13 and a half million more people are on food stamps today. How are we in quote, unquote much better shape as you argue?

Wasserman Schultz: Well, President Obama inherited a huge problem-It's Bush's fault, you know;Barry is going to run on it in 2012. Pretty clever, huh?-, the worst recession that we have had since the great depression, created by the policies, the failed policies of the previous Republican administration, where we went from a record surplus to a record deficit, and so working our way out of that problem is incredibly challenging but the fact remains that before President Obama took office, Norah, we were bleeding 750,000 jobs a month, the economy was in free fall, we were on the precipice of economic disaster and now two and a half years later, although we have a long way to go and we need to work together and come together to get the economy to continue to move, we have created 2.4 million private sector jobs, 17 straight months of private sector job growth-if you don't believe me, you can check the Department of Labor Statistics Data;not you silly, run get me some water, I'm getting thirsty here!- so we have begun to turn things around, we acknowledge we have a long way to go-that's why Barry needs 4 more years- and certainly no longer in free fall-It's called assisted fall because Barry is watching it-. We just have to keep our nose to the grindstone and keep focus.

O'Donnell: How do you draw a contrast then against the Governor of Texas where nearly half of the jobs that have been created in America were created in Texas?

Wasserman Schultz: There are dramatic contrasts with the Governor of Texas not the least of which is that it is extremely difficult for him to deserve credit for that job creation when you have rising gas prices that created oil jobs that he had nothing to do with-Barry should get credit for this one, he imposed the oil drill ban, right?-, when you had military spending as a result of two wars that created military jobs that he had nothing to do with-Barry should get credit for this one too, he kept the troops in Irak and Afganistan. When you have the recovery act-shovel ready projects, remember?-championed by President Obama that created jobs in Texas that he had nothing to do with. So it is way over blown to suggest that the job creation in Texas is squarely on the shoulders of his policies-in fact, I just showed you how is all Barry's merit.

O'Donnell: We are going to have an interesting day on Monday here in Iowa because not only is Governor Perry going to be here but President Obama is going to be here in Iowa. He is launching a midwest bus tour through three different states, key swing states, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa. His approval rating, I just want to show you his approval rating in some of these states, in Iowa it's dropped from 61 to 49 percent in just two years. In Minnesota, it's dropped 14 percent, 66 to 52 percent. And even in his home state of Illinois the president's approval has gone down 17 points, 71 to 54 percent. Is the President in trouble?

Wasserman Schultz: Not at all. The President is in actually remarkably good shape-you saw the Rasmussen poll, right?- given that he is still struggling to help pull our economy out of the republican, the republican recession that he inherited-those Damn Republicans that want to starve the Senior Citizens to death-. His numbers are still strong-did you see the Rasmussen Poll?-, he still has widespread support-among the White House staffers-, if anyone is in trouble, it is the Republican Party-because I'm a Lady, this is some free advice;Allen West, did you hear?-. Right now, they have a collection of candidates for president who are busy out trying to out right wing each other-Terrorists!-. Essentially they are all so similar that they might as well be Legos, they are that interchangeable, they are that interchangeable-Barry can relax, play some golf or something-. You have a president who has asked the country to compromise, tried to bring them together, and all nine presidential candidates the other night raised their right hand in the debate and said, even when faced with the most reasonable question, would you support a deficit reduction deal that would be ten to one cuts to revenue, they still said no-Terrorists!-. That is how strangled by the tea party that they are, and that is not what Americans are looking for, they are looking for solutions-Barry has them all.

O'Donnell: All right. The debate has begun, Congress Debbie Wassermann Schultz, good to see you, thanks so much for joining us. I will be back in a moment with our political panel. Stay with us.In the mean time, would you like some water?
Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for watching our segment "Little Debbie in Obamaland"

Primul interviu acordat de Michele Bachmann după victoria din Iowa Straw Poll

Regulă de bază pentru realizatorii de emisiuni:alegeţi un invitat care are idee despre ce se vorbeşte în propoziţie.Părerea mea!

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Ames,Iowa Straw Poll live.Update: Michele Bachmann declarată câştigătoare

Michele Bachmann, congreswoman reprezentând statul Minnesota a fost declarată câştigatoare a Straw Poll-ului din Ames, Iowa. Sondajul nu are valoare ştiinţifică, reprezentând însă un indicator  în privinţa capacităţii candidaţilor de mobilizare a susţinătorilor din teritoriu. Bachmann a fost secondată de Ron Paul-congresman din Texas şi Tim Pawlenty-fost guvernator al statului Minnesota.
Mai multe despre eveniment în articolul Associated Press.

Rick Perry(R)-guvernatorul statului Texas-îşi anunţă candidatura la preşedinţia S.U.A.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Nightfall Northwest by Edvard Brun

Nightfall Northwest from edvard brun on Vimeo.

Cine a câştigat dezbaterea candidaţilor republicani de aseară?

Mi- a plăcut în mod deosebit prestaţia oferită de Michele Bachmann. Mitt Romney a ieşit de asemenea foarte bine, întărindu-şi poziţia de front-runner.Pawlenty a cam zbârcit-o cu atacurile la Bachmann. Cain a părut derutat de mediul în care a trebuit să se desfăşoare, plătind tribut faptului că nu e obişnuit cu loviturile sub centură specifice politicienilor. Newt Gingrich a apărut drept arţăgos, fapt care nu i-a adus multe servicii. Ron Paul dă impresia că trăieşte într-un univers paralel. Deşi are cei mai zgomotoşi susţinători care au inundat blogurile conservatoare propulsându-l în sondaje drept câştigător al dezbaterii de aseară, Paul se îndreaptă cu paşi siguri spre o binemeritată pensionare. Ceilalţi candidaţi n-au reuşit nimic notabil, consolidandu-şi poziţiile de loseri în competiţia pentru nominalizare.
Pentru cei care nu au avut ocazia să urmărească dezbaterea de aseară în direct, postez mai jos câteva clipuri cu cele mai interesante momente, cât şi analiza post dezbatere a lui Dick Morris.
Clipurile sunt preluate de pe Fox Nation.

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Ambasadorul John Bolton comentează scăderea ratingului de ţară al S.U.A. şi prezice colapsul zonei Euro

Andrew Napolitano-Why We Are Broke

Doza zilnică de Al Sharpton:Dow Jones a scăzut cu 630%

Staţi liniştiţi la locuhili voasthe şi nu mai aruncaţi cu răutacisme. Omul e jurnalist profesionist, nu absolvent de clasa a şasea. Dacă nu mă credeţi, urmăriţi clipul următor:

Experience Matters

Încă un super clip produs de echipa de campanie a lui Tim Pawlenty.
Preluat de pe Fox Nation

Obama ar face bine să-l angajeze pe Michael Moore în poziţia de Truth CZar. Moore cere arestarea conducerii S&P

Scăderea ratingului de ţară creează fenomene devastatoare printre stângiştii americani.Simptomele sunt ciudat de aseamanatoare cu sindromul vacii nebune. De vină sunt:teroriştii Tea Party, republicanii, George W Bush şi ultimii pe listă, cu sau fără voia dumneavoatra, trădătorii de la S&P. Petrecerea continuă.
Preluat de pe Weasel Zippers.

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Jackpot:Pe tronsonul orar în care se difuzează showul lui Al Sharpton, MSNBC deturnează spectatorii Comedy Central

Că să nu ziceţi că-i doar o vorbă-n vânt, urmăriţi cele mai savuroase secvenţe selectate de MRC TV din programul găzduit de inegalabilul Al.

John Bolton:Why I may run for President

Adam Smith wrote in The Wealth of Nations​ that “the first duty of the sovereign, that of protecting the society from the violence and invasion of other independent societies, can be performed only by means of a military force.” Today, failing to protect our national security inevitably endangers our economic prosperity by making us vulnerable to global adversaries.
  It is clear that President Obama does not agree with Smith’s wisdom. Obama’s policies are jeopardizing not only our national security and economy, but our constitutional sovereignty too.
 That is why I have been considering running for President. The Republican Party must nominate a leader who, unlike Obama, understands instinctively that America’s liberty, prosperity and national security are inextricably linked.
 Sadly, last week’s debt-ceiling legislation, potentially resulting in catastrophic cuts to our defense budget, only reinforces my deep concerns. This may have been the best we could get, and it is far better than we feared. But the deal risks massive defense cutbacks, potentially pointing a dagger at the heart of our security and sovereignty.
 We now face a minimum of $700 to 800 billion more in defense cuts, in addition to the $400 billion Obama has already imposed, with potentially catastrophic consequences. The joint committee established to fashion the second tranche of spending cuts (or tax increases) is not likely to protect us from massive defense cuts. The liberals will be working feverishly to put conservatives on the committee in an untenable position: a Hobson’s choice between tax increases and deep cuts in defense spending.
 The debt-ceiling legislation’s trigger mechanism, with its grave risk of disproportionate cuts in defense spending, is potentially even more draconian. America’s national security is not just another wasteful government program, especially in perilous times like today. We are heavily involved in two major conflicts, the long-term global War on Terror and the critical effort to prevent the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Recent confirmation that Iran, on the verge of becoming a nuclear power, is materially aiding al-Qaeda only underlines the risk of massive U.S. defense cuts.
  President Obama, unlike all his predecessors since Franklin Roosevelt, does not treat national security as his top priority. He does not see the world as threatening to U.S. interests. And he is comfortable with America’s “inevitable” decline in the world, rather than being determined to prevent it. Obama is our first post-American President. He fancies himself to be above mere “patriotism.” He is less an advocate for American interests than a “citizen of the world,” in his own phrase.
  For two-and-a-half years, Americans have witnessed the devastating results of Obama’s “post-American” worldview. Russia has taken advantage of his naïve “reset” policy, while Iran and North Korea continue to aggressively pursue nuclear weapons. Staunch allies such as the Czech Republic, Poland and Japan question our resolve. Even France thinks he lacks leadership. China and the International Monetary Fund now openly cast doubt on the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. And Obama’s policy toward Libya has been an abject failure to date. He entered the conflict for the wrong reasons, failed to allow our military to accomplish its mission, invited Russia in to mediate, and now seems content to allow Muammar Gaddafi to remain in Libya.  An Obama adviser called his approach “leading from behind.” Indeed it is, but it is not the American way.

Israel Victimized
  No ally has been more victimized by Obama’s worldview than Israel. As our most anti-Israel President, bar none, Obama fundamentally misunderstands the nature of the security threats to Israel and the United States in the Middle East. Iran’s support for terrorism and pursuit of nuclear weapons goes unanswered. Radical groups around the region have been emboldened in the face of sustained incoherence in U.S. policy. In addition to Israel, Arab friends in the region, especially those producing oil and gas critical to the international economy, are shocked at the Obama administration’s treatment of close friends and its inability to comprehend, let alone defend, core American interests.
  In addition, Obama is enamored of European-style schemes for global governance. He has naïvely called for a world in which America voluntarily gives up its nuclear weapons in hopes that our adversaries do so too. He yearns to join the International Criminal Court and risks subjecting America’s warriors to prosecutions and trial.Unable to achieve national gun-control legislation at home, he is seeking a backdoor route through an “arms trade treaty” now under negotiation at the United Nations. Despite his pro forma denials, Obama fundamentally does not believe in American exceptionalism, nor that American strength has ensured our peace and security since World War II.
  Americans should understand that Obama’s international policies have a direct and profound impact on our economic prosperity. One obvious example is the devastating impact of another terrorist attack here at home, especially one with nuclear, chemical or biological weapons. Instability abroad has a profound impact on oil and gas supplies, and therefore the price we pay to fill up the family car with gasoline. Global supply chains vital to America’s jobs are threatened when our Navy is unable to protect U.S. shipping and vital sea lanes. Our failed border security policy allows the violence of drug cartels to spill across our borders and endanger our families. Obama’s existing cuts in our defense budget, and the ones surely coming under the debt-ceiling bill, will only magnify our inability to protect ourselves.

No GOP Candidate So Far
  In 16 months, Americans will again go to the polls and vote for the person they believe can best lead our country. Beyond question, Obama’s economic policies have failed to renew the economy and are now a principal reason the recovery is stalled. His national security policies are even more dangerous. The American dream is under assault, and Obama is not fighting back. We need a real President in the Oval Office, someone who knows instinctively and by experience that, as Adam Smith said, “the first duty of the sovereign” is to protect and promote American sovereignty and national security. Otherwise, economic prosperity will count for little.
  To date, in my view, no Republican candidate has persuasively argued that our economic recovery and long-term prosperity are completely intertwined with a strong national security posture. If no one else is prepared to make that case, I will.

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LA Light by Colin Rich

LA Light from Colin Rich on Vimeo.

Premiile MSNBC "Bine că eşti tu deştept!": Bloggerul liberal Ezra Klein primeşte o lecţie de capitalism de la Rick Santelli

Un lucru ştiut de cei care urmăresc dezbaterile pe teme politice şi economice din S.U.A. şi de aiurea e că liberalii folosesc argumente şablon inspirate din manualul luptei de clasă, menite să impresioneze electoratul captiv al democraţilor(captiv în faţa televizorului setat pe MSNBC, de unde îşi iau porţia zilnică de ură împotriva bogaţilor care le plătesc chiria, abonamentul la cablu, telefonul mobil şi alte nevoi de bază ale trântorului). Ceea ce nu se întâmplă zi de zi e ca un invitat la emisiunile trompetei MSNBC să aibă curajul să-i pună în banca lor, expunând lipsa de idei şi demagogia sensibililor liberali.
Ultima lecţie despre lumea reală a fost ţinută de profesorul Rick Santelli domnului Goe liberal Ezra Klein.
Iată ce îl învaţă Santelli pe tânărul Klein, în speranţa că n-o să mai rămână repetent şi anul acesta:
"Well, first of all, money doesn't move around in ways that are unfair.Money moves around because people that have it control it or invest it, it's their and they put it in places that they deem appropriate and any outsider looking at that process using attitudes like "unfair" just don't understand markets and capitalism".
Video preluat de pe Breitbart TV

O fostă consilieră pe probleme economice a preşedintelui Obama admite:We are pretty darn F%&#ed

Marxistul-şef nu comentează, fiind mult prea ocupat cu lupta de clasă.
Văzut pe Breitbart TV.

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