Monday, March 21, 2011

Ambasadorul John Bolton:Singurul final acceptabil e înlăturarea de la putere a lui Gaddafi

Sursa:The Right Scoop

"The administration’s stated objectives I think are inconsistent – that we’ve got a limited military objective of protecting Libyan civilians but that our long term political objective remains Qaddafi being gone. There’s a disjunction between those two that the administration hasn’t filled it yet.
I think the only acceptable outcome here is the removal of Qaddafi from power. That’s one reason this no fly zone should have been put in place a month ago. Had we intervened decisively, sharply, earlier, this whole thing might be over now. I think it’s much more complex, much riskier and Qaddafi has even more incentives to stay now because of events that have transpired."

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